Kim Kardashian’s App Why It is Awesome!

Kim Kardashian’s App, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, has gained so much momentum with over 30 million downloads now. She claims to have been very choosy and picky about how the game was played and even the items inside the game. She is said to talk to the programmer’s and developers of glu mobile on a daily basis to ensure the game is to her liking. She does have almost 30 million fans on Instagram to keep happy after all!

The Game itself is SUPER addictive and fun. You get to act like a celebrity and buy Cars and all sorts of lavish items from shoes to Houses too! She calls it a red carpet adventure where you get to essentially put yourself in her shoes and try and become more famous, ear more money, and look better everyday! Anyone should try it, my boyfriend is even addicted and doesn’t care about Kim Kardashian at all. Kim Kardashian aside, this game layout is the new version of sims!